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Why there’s always different for GST calculation on the tax invoice ?

written by IT Evangelist

When GST being implemented in Malaysia, many business operators faced the problem whereby when the users key-in the tax invoice being received from supplier into the system, sometimes it will have different, but sometimes nope. Most users will thought it’s the error, in fact, it’s happened due to non standardize of the calculation among the GST accounting software in Malaysia.

Following is the example and explanation :

INVOICE 1001 :
ITEM A 104 5.8868 5.89 98.11
TOTAL 104 5.8868 5.89 98.11

Benefits of Implementing GST

written by IT Evangelist
GST Malaysia 2015

GST Malaysia 2015

GST is a good system for a country tax system, following is several reason that a country should implement a GST system :

1) GST is less susceptible to economic downturn because GST is a Consumption Tax, thus this can generate a stable source of revenue compared to income tax.

2) GST is more efficient because of “self policing”, “in-build cross checking features”, “enhance tax compliance”, and “less bureaucracy”.

3) Eliminate the weaknesses of Sales Tax & Service Tax. ( cascading effect & double taxation, compounding/pyramiding effect, tax embedded in goods exported, and transfer pricing ).


Malaysia GST : Impact of GST for Businesses after 1 Apr 2015

written by IT Evangelist
Impact Before GST After GST
Filing Cycle 12 months Once – Turnover > RM 500K = 3 months once
- Turnover > RM 5 mill = Monthly.
Filing Details Profit & Loss Figure Itemized Details
Audit Method Manual Audit Computerized Audit
Computerized Optional Need to use GST Compliance System

Malaysia GST : Differences between Grade A (Advance) vs Grade B (Basic) GST Compliant software

written by IT Evangelist
Malaysia GST : The differences between Grade A (Advance) vs Grade B (Basic) GST Compliant software as below:
Functions / Attributes Basic Advance

Setting up Tax Code
Purchase Transaction for Taxable supplies
Sales Transaction with standard tax codes
Filing for Purchase Transactions (Full Tax Claimable)
Filing for Sales Transactions (Full Tax Claimable)
Generation of GST-03 (Without TX-RE)
Generation of GST Audit File (GAF)

Top Reasons to Go for a Mac – Part 1

written by IT Evangelist


– Performance – Multitasking –

When we are using our computer everyday, we won’t do only things most of the time. We need to check email, doing excel report, google the information, and of course, we need to Facebook. Since we’re open so many programs at the same time, whether our computer can handle it ? Traditionally, when you open more applications, it will be slow, lag or hang, but with Mac it will run smoothly and you can try with any Mac OS X.

– Mission Control – Bird Eye View – Desktop Spaces –


How to quit the Application on IOS Device (iPhone, iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch).

written by IT Evangelist

The i Device allows you to run multiple application at the same time, but the running applications take up space for your device. To free up the space, we may need to quit the application. To do this, we need to perform the following,

Do this :

– Hit the home button twice, and you will see the application running appear at the bottom of the screen.

– Hold down on the app we want to quit until it starts jiggling as following shown.


How to Switch within the OS X and Windows on a Intel-Based Macintosh ?

written by IT Evangelist

If you’ve both Mac OS X and Windows ( Boot Camp ) installed on your Apple Computer ( Intel-Based ), you may want to switch within the operating system.

There’re 2 methods which you can switch the OS, the traditional one is through the following,

From OS X to Windows Apple Menu : – System Preferences – Start Up Disk – Choose the Windows – then click Restart.

From Windows to OS X to Apple OS X : – Go to the Right Bottom Corner ( Near by Time Icon ), – Click on Boot Camp Icon- > Then Boot Camp Control Panel – Choose Mac OS X – then click Restart.


How to install Windows on a Mac OS X or Apple Computer (with Intel Processor).

written by IT Evangelist

Requirement :
a) Apple computer with Intel-based processor only.

b) Ready a Pendrive/thumbdrive with min 1GB of available space.

c) Windows Installation Disc and valid license key.

d) High-speed internet.

Step 1 : Open the Boot Camp Assistant ( From the Application Folder or Search via the Spotlight on top right corner )

Step 2 : Select “Download the latest Windows support software from Apple”.

Step 3 : Start the download progress, the file size is around 700mb to 800 mb, times for downloading depends on your internet speed. it may takes around 2 to 4 hours.


How to fix a freezing Apple iPad2

written by IT Evangelist

Traditional computers sometimes do hang with the unknown reason, the same issue do occur with the iPad2.

For traditional Windows Platform computer, we perform to click the “Ctrl-Alt-Del” simultaneously, for Macintosh platform, we click the “Command-Option-Escape”, while for the iPad2, just perform the following :

Press and Hold the Home button and the Sleep/wake up button on the top the iPad 2 at the same time for 10 seconds, you might see the Message “Slide to Cancel” or maybe nope, just ignore it and continue holding until you see the iPad turn off and the Apple Logo turn up, real ease the button. Your iPad2 will work normally as before.


How to choose an External Hard disk drive ? (Part 2)

written by IT Evangelist

Another small tips but important thing which most of the consumer may neglect is how the external hard disk is being package and market to us. Currently market is very famous with the external hard disk which the hard disk and enclosure is come together as a package. While I prefer to get a hard disk and the enclosure separately.

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