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Running a Windows on a Macintosh Machine.

written by IT Evangelist

First question come to the mind is why there’s a need for running 2 OS within a machine, but the answer can be vary for person.

By the time I first get to knows with Mac OS, which is year 1997, when the time still running the Mac OS Classic 7, 8 or 9 even lower, and apart from the Apple, Umax is another company which producing the Personal Computer running on Mac OS. When I was a Sales person who responsible for promoting the Apple Desktop that time, our target customer is only for those who are in the certain industries which the certain application is impossible to be run on Microsoft Windows 95 or 98. Thus, they have no chance to get an expensive ( compare to Wintel machine) Mac OS machine during the time. After a while, those famous application such as Adobe, or Macromedia, is made available for the Microsoft Windows version, and again few years after, the famous Office Processing Software, Microsoft Office for Mac OS have launch.

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Web Site Security Issue : Prevent the Directory Listing & Access.

written by IT Evangelist

There’s always something small and which is not so obvious to us, and this may cause us to overlook it.

We may consider a lot of steps and methods to protect our web sites from being hacked or being spammed from the front end interface, e.g : we might do a lot of thing to control the front end user login access and user registration verification process. Let’s imagine, we control from the front end, but we always over look the back door. Some site owner might consider that the hosting company should do all this for us, but what the hosting company can do is might be protect the server from being down, being spammed and so on, but to protect the web site file is our responsibilities for it.

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The Methods to Repair the Corrupted WordPress’s Database.

written by IT Evangelist

Last night  when I was trying to update a page of my Blog which run on WordPress, the page was not able being updated after I edited, and when I tried to Reload, all the page and post was gone. When I tried to access the phpMyAdmin to check the table, it showed database was corrupted.

I believe that some of the WordPress users might experienced this before or may need some information on what to do if the WordPress’s database is corrupted.

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