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How to choose an External Hard disk drive ? (Part 2)

written by IT Evangelist

Another small tips but important thing which most of the consumer may neglect is how the external hard disk is being package and market to us. Currently market is very famous with the external hard disk which the hard disk and enclosure is come together as a package. While I prefer to get a hard disk and the enclosure separately.

Let’s imagine, most people getting an external hard disk is for data back up purpose. Do we ever consider what happen if this external hard disk having problem during the warranty period. If we bought the external hard disk which is already being bundle and package the both external enclosure and internal drive, when the hard disk is having problem, we cannot do anything else other than just send it for warranty. When we send it for warranty, normally we will get a replacement unit instead of a repaired unit because most of the hard disk brand is the global brand which the local distributor not able to carry the repairing job, so the arrangement will be one to one swap and replacement. That’s why every time you send in a external hard disk for warranty or checking, the service form will indicate that the data loss is not cover under the warranty.  In this scenario, your external hard disk shouldn’t be considered as an ideal back up device. If you required data restore or recover service, the service center will require to charge you extremely expensive which is calculate by the capacity of your hard disk, this is definitely not a logical and acceptable solution. Some more, you might have some private and confidential data inside the hard disk, which may be expose to some 3rd parties.

Actually when an external hard disk is having problem, very rare that the internal drive and the external enclosure is spoilt together. It will be either external enclosure circuit burn, or the connector interface spoilt which fail the hard disk detection, and actually your internal hard disk doesn’t have any problem, and you might still able to retrieve your data easily by mounting your internal drive to any other good enclosure. This task is an easy task by removing few screw and most of the IT service shop knowing how to do that. But majority of the people who bought an external hard disk didn’t take this decision is because by open up the enclosure, your warranty for the hard disk is void. This is always the most common problem, which always happened during the product warranty period compare with the internal hard disk really spoilt.

Another problem with your external hard disk drive problem is the internal part of the hard disk drive having problem, but this is rare happen during the warranty period, unless you accidentally create a heavy shock or impact to the hard disk, else it seldom happen within the warranty period. As a conclusion, personally suggest that always buying the enclosure and hard disk which comes separately so that you able to carry some basic troubleshooting steps before you send your hard disk for warranty when it have problem.

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