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How to install Windows on a Mac OS X or Apple Computer (with Intel Processor).

written by IT Evangelist

Requirement :
a) Apple computer with Intel-based processor only.

b) Ready a Pendrive/thumbdrive with min 1GB of available space.

c) Windows Installation Disc and valid license key.

d) High-speed internet.

Step 1 : Open the Boot Camp Assistant ( From the Application Folder or Search via the Spotlight on top right corner )

Step 2 : Select “Download the latest Windows support software from Apple”.

Step 3 : Start the download progress, the file size is around 700mb to 800 mb, times for downloading depends on your internet speed. it may takes around 2 to 4 hours.

Step 4 : Once download completed, copy the File which you downloaded to a thumb drive.

Step 5 : Proceed for Windows Installation  by clicking next at Boot Camp Assistant.

Step 6 : Once Windows installation done, you will be boot into the Windows environment.

Step 7 : Insert the thumb drive with the WindowsSupportSoftware which you’ve downloaded, then click Install on “BootCampSetup” or “Setup”.

Step 8 : Restart and your Windows Installation on a Mac is done.

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