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How to protect your MacBook Top Cover ?

written by IT Evangelist

Some people do experience that the top cover of the MacBook was discolored or cracked after using for a period. There’s few reason might caused the crack, it might be the material, or the way of using it. Every people have different way of taking care of the laptop, and the point here is the steps or the way when we close the MacBook (means close the LCD to the Top Cover ) Most people is carrying around the MacBook in a laptop back, and when carrying around, they might be some shocking or pressure(especially keep the laptop with other things) which we didn’t aware of it. Another reason might be the convex part near the Front Bezel which touch the top cover all the times when we close the MacBook. ( As per following diagram shown)


There’s some material improvement for the top cover of the MacBook, but we can’t just blame it is either the manufacturer defects or the material problem. Imagine, even 2 pcs of paper stacks on each other for some period of time, there might be some chemistry effect or others factors which might caused the both clothes sticks together or the color changed.

To avoid the incident, there’s some precautions we might able to take,

1) Add a piece of clothes before we close the Laptop. It might be troublesome for some people as need to repeating it everytime or everyday.

2) Stick a Handrest Protector to separate the space among Front Bezel and the top cover. ( As per photo shown )


With the handrest protector, you might be able to protect the top cover color changed and most important point is to avoid the crack or the Front Bezel and Top Cover touch too firm when the MacBook is in closing state. Need not to worry about the handrest protector which might sticky when you removed it from the top cover because there’s some handrest protector in the market which made in the good quality 3M sticker which won’t be leave any sticky stain with the top cover.

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