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How to Switch within the OS X and Windows on a Intel-Based Macintosh ?

written by IT Evangelist

If you’ve both Mac OS X and Windows ( Boot Camp ) installed on your Apple Computer ( Intel-Based ), you may want to switch within the operating system.

There’re 2 methods which you can switch the OS, the traditional one is through the following,

From OS X to Windows Apple Menu : – System Preferences – Start Up Disk – Choose the Windows – then click Restart.

From Windows to OS X to Apple OS X : – Go to the Right Bottom Corner ( Near by Time Icon ), – Click on Boot Camp Icon- > Then Boot Camp Control Panel – Choose Mac OS X – then click Restart.

Both steps as above mentioned  will change the default OS to be boot into when start up the computer. If you are just wanted to reboot in different OS without changing the Default Start Up Disk, perform as following :

Restart the Computer, at the same time, click on the “option” key.


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