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Manage Your Download Task

written by IT Evangelist

Downloading is an activity, which almost every net surfer will do, while Uploading is a less activity among net surfers. We might carry on the same activities everyday, or might be once in a while only, but do we ever think that we might need something to manage our Download task(s). For some webmasters or web developers, a FTP Client Program might be an ideal program, but for the majority net surfers who focus more on Download activity, a Download Manager is a better solution.

A download manager is a program dedicated to manage the task(s) of downloading from the Internet. The typical download manager will recover the errors in downloading without losing the completed download part or segment, and some can optionally split the download into smaller segments and moved into parallel, which will improve the download speed within the limits of available bandwidth.

Download managers commonly include one or more of the following features:

  • Pausing the downloading task.
  • Resuming broken downloading.
  • Downloading files on poor connections.
  • Automatic recursive downloads (mirroring).
  • Scheduled downloads (including, automatic hang-up and shutdown).
  • Searching for mirror sites, and the handling of different connections to download the same file more quickly.
  • Variable bandwidth usage.

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