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On/Off the Power before or after plug in the Power Adaptor to the laptop.

written by IT Evangelist

A sudden electricity break out remind me on a small knowledge that I would like to share.

Do think about it, should we turn on the power after plugin the power adapter to our laptop properly or turn on the power first, then only plug it into our laptop ? I took a portable machines certification couple years ago, there’s a question like this. The correct answer should be turn on the power adaptor first before plug it to the laptop. The reason is because the electricity voltage supply won’t be that stable during the first few moment when we turn it on, and mostly it will be extremely high voltage for the beginning which may cause the power short circuit to the laptop. Even though the power adaptor have the function to transform the high voltage to lower voltage before supply to the laptop, and normally if the voltage is too high, it will burn the power adaptor first before affected the laptop. But let’s imagine, what if the voltage is extremely high which may cause the explosion, in this case the power adaptor might not able to block the explosion affecting the laptop, which caused our laptop facing short circuit problem.

As a conclusion, the safest way is to turn on the power first before plug it to the laptop. When facing any electricity break out, the first thing first is to remove the power adaptor from your laptop, and this may apply to your Desktop PC as well. It may be vary for the current technology as I known this around 6 years ago, but basically the theory is still applicable.

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