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Running a Windows on a Macintosh Machine.

written by IT Evangelist

First question come to the mind is why there’s a need for running 2 OS within a machine, but the answer can be vary for person.

By the time I first get to knows with Mac OS, which is year 1997, when the time still running the Mac OS Classic 7, 8 or 9 even lower, and apart from the Apple, Umax is another company which producing the Personal Computer running on Mac OS. When I was a Sales person who responsible for promoting the Apple Desktop that time, our target customer is only for those who are in the certain industries which the certain application is impossible to be run on Microsoft Windows 95 or 98. Thus, they have no chance to get an expensive ( compare to Wintel machine) Mac OS machine during the time. After a while, those famous application such as Adobe, or Macromedia, is made available for the Microsoft Windows version, and again few years after, the famous Office Processing Software, Microsoft Office for Mac OS have launch.

After few years of IT industry development, the Cross Platform Compatibility ‘s story is never end, but definitely have made a big step forward up to the days especially when the launch of Intel based Apple Macintosh machine.

It now becomes possible for Window’s based application to run on a Macintosh machine, and another question arise here, how many solutions in the market now and which solutions we should choose to suit our daily needs.

Basically there’re 2 choices :

Dual-Booting : running two separate operating systems on one PC, and switching between them as needed by rebooting. Applications such as Apple’s Boot Camp allow this to occur on a Mac OS X machine.

Virtual machine :  Allow you to run a full version of Windows inside a program  within your native operating system, while the windows applications run within that Windows. Example of the emulation product are VMware and Parallels desktop.

Each solutions comparison chart as following :

Features Dual-Booting Virtual Machine
Cost and License Windows License only. Both Windows License And Virtual Machine Software License.
Start Windows Application without Reboot No. Yes.
Start Windows Application from Mac OS Finder No.. Required start the emulator.
Support all Windows applications Yes. No, some applications which require either video or hardware driver support may not able to support, particularly for games.
Run Windows Application at Native Spped Yes. No, virtual enviroment imposes performance penalties.

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