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Top Reasons to Go for a Mac – Part 1

written by IT Evangelist


– Performance – Multitasking –

When we are using our computer everyday, we won’t do only things most of the time. We need to check email, doing excel report, google the information, and of course, we need to Facebook. Since we’re open so many programs at the same time, whether our computer can handle it ? Traditionally, when you open more applications, it will be slow, lag or hang, but with Mac it will run smoothly and you can try with any Mac OS X.

– Mission Control – Bird Eye View – Desktop Spaces –

Since our computer is running so many programs at the same time, how we going to switch from Program A to B, B to C ? Traditionally, we need to minimize the Program A, then open the Program B, minimize the Program B, and open the Program C. With Mac, just 3 fingers swipe up, you can have a Bird Eye View of all the programs running, and straights away click to the program you want to access. It is so fast.

Apart from it, our desktop always getting full right ? Some of us are very clever, we will manually create a Folder when our desktop getting full and move everything on the desktop to this newly created folder, the reason is because we want our desktop neat and tidy and make our job more convenient. Yes, we’re so clever, but Apple is better, with the Spaces features, we can have up to 16 desktop spaces to organize our applications.

– Sleep – Safe Sleep –

Imagine, now we’re doing our job and suddenly we receive a call from friend and need to leave the computer immediately. Traditionally, we will ask our friend to wait while we’re saving our file, shutting down our computer. But how about the call is from the customers, your bosses ? With Mac OS X, you don’t need to shut down the computer, with a Mac Laptop, you just need to close the lid to leave the computer or keep in your bag. Of course, many OS can do this, but how about the next time you using your computer again if you never shut down your computer for few days ? The performance might getting slower and slower and you need to restart to resume the performance. With Mac OS X, when you want to use your computer again, the performance will still remain without the need to restart your computer, you might try this on your own.

Just now we mentioned about leaving your computer to sleep for few hours or few days, how about if you urgently need to travel for few weeks ? What you worries about ? Whether your battery stand by hours can up to how long ? Whether your battery will gone flat ? Whether you save your data or not if your battery gone flat ? If you didn’t save your data, your data will be keep at the RAM ( Random Access Memory ) instead of your hard drive, so if batter gone flat, the data might lost permanently. Now, with Mac OS X 10.7 and above, it comes with a features call “Safe Sleep”, which it will temporary move your data from RAM to Hard Drive before your battery gone flat, the next time you resume the power adapter, the data will be automatically being retrieved from the Hard drive.

To be continued.



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