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What is the meaning of “Frequency Response” on the Headphone Packing ?

written by IT Evangelist

There’re many types of headphone design for us to choose around, and generally headphones form factor including circumauralsupra-auralearbud, and in-ear. Other than the design form factor, there’s many other issues that becomes the buyer consideration before buy a headphone, one of its might be the ‘FREQUENCY RESPONSE’. Many people might ask and wondering to know what’s the real meaning of the Frequency Response.

As a basic, sound related to the frequency, and different kind of sound will generate the different frequency rate.

See the following example :

Frequencies and descriptions

Frequency (Hz) Octave Description
16 to 32 1st The human threshold of feeling, and the lowest pedal notes of a pipe organ.
32 to 512 2nd to 5th Rhythm frequencies, where the lower and upper bass notes lie.
512 to 2048 6th to 7th Defines human speech intelligibility, gives a horn-like or tinny quality to sound.
2048 to 8192 8th to 9th Gives presence to speech, where labial and fricative sounds lie.
8192 to 16384 10th Brilliance, the sounds of bells and the ringing of cymbals. In speech, the sound of the letter “S” (8000-11000 Hz)

Normally there’s a Frequency Response Description over a headphone packing. The bigger the range is, more sounds we can listen through the particular headphones. A song or a music normally built from different kind of music instrument, and different human who can generate different frequency. The bigger the range of the frequency response means the headphones is better to receive different kind of frequency. But bear in mind, human ears is limited to a frequency limit and the range is shrinks during our lifetime and there’s a different of sensitivity between sexes, with women typically having a higher sensitivity to higher frequencies than men.

Another issue is, how true of the specifications on the headphones packing. Which means that a better brand reputation of a headphone might provide a more accurate and real data of the headphones, so it is important for us to choose a better well-known brand of headphones and make sure, you didn’t get the imitate branded headphone.

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