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Windows have safe mode, how about Mac OS ?

written by IT Evangelist

Most of the Windows users knowing that windows can be started in safe mode for troubleshooting purposes by holding ‘F8’ key during start up. When comes to the Mac OS, windows user may have some doubts about this.

Mac OS is having this features after 10.2 or later, it can be performed by holding ‘Shift’ key when starting up the computer.

The reason of boot into safe mode is almost same with the windows. We may need to perform this when need to do some directory checking or disable some start up items which might caused the normal boot up problem.

Personally have experienced to use safe mode to solve a critical issue with my own Mac OS X. I do experience a serious crash with my hard disk as I drop my laptop (within the bag) to the floor and I started to face the problem that my mac is keep hanging when perform some normal task. At the same time, I can’t perform the routine backup for my mac which I normally do it weekly. I tried Verify Disk & Repair disk, but it failed to help me to copy my file and caused the whole machine hang.

I even remove the internal hard disk and put into an external hard disk case for doing this, but it failed too. After few trial to rescue my data, at the end I tried boot into the safe mode and successfully backed up a big portion of my data.

Next post I will talk about the Final Way to rescue your data when your unbackup data is still inside your crash hard disk.

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